Prix de la Photographie Paris 2015

Prix de la Photographie Paris 2015


Prix de la Photographie Paris announces Winners of PX3 2015 Competition: 3 Honorable Mentions in the Fine Art/Still Life Category for the winning entries “The falling Leaf”, “Touch of the Past” and “The Last Things” as well as one Honorable Mention in the Advertising/Food Category for the winning entry “Grana Padano”

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The Results of Hungry Photographers

The Results of Hungry Photographers

“There is not a lot of things better than that mouth-watering feeling when your food arrives at your table. For me, if a dish looks attractive it’s halfway there.
I went to the best source of information possible to our generation and typed in the words “meaning of food photography”. I don’t really know what I expected, because the answer was way more straight forward than I expected….”

“What I expected was some BS definition explaining how the “Hipster/Vegan” era captures their daily lifestyles by photographing their food and slapping on a pretty filter to add that dramatic effect. I’m not going to lie to you. I am also guilty of snapping some delicious pictures.
But it doesn’t matter what the definition of food photography really is. The point is that it’s still a form of art. While there are some people who just brag with their mad cooking skills and others really overestimate the attractiveness of their meals, there are a handful of creatives who can blow your mind with their food photography.”

Here are 10 photographs proving my point and showing the results of hungry photographers.” by Chanelle Els for Oh My Creative Soul


Prix de la Photgraphie Paris 2013

Never forget the real world


Sweet pearl


“Heinz Baumann of Switzerland was Awarded: two times Bronze in category Advertising/Food for the entry entitled, Sweet Pearl” and in category Advertising/Self-Promotion for the entry entitled, “Never forget the real world . The jury selected winners from thousands of photography entries from over 85 countries.”

ABOUT Px3: The “Prix de la Photographie Paris (Px3) strives to promote the appreciation of photography, to discover emerging talent, and introduce photographers from around the world to the artistic community of Paris. Winning photographs from this competition are exhibited in a high-profile gallery in Paris and published in the high-quality, full-color Px3 Annual Book.” – More about the Competition