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Salerno in spring 1981 after the earthquakeSalerno in spring 1981 after the earthquakeSalerno in spring 1981 after the earthquakeSalerno in spring 1981 after the earthquake

“Hi Heinz, – Congratulations on being one of the top photographers in our large, global community! How do we know this? Because you and your work have stood out from the crowd: your work appeared on our list of winners for international photography awards from respected organizations. We would like to invite you to join our new LensCulture Network where your global recognition can continue to expand and grow.”

“The LensCulture Network is our invitation-only community for exceptional photographers like yourself. Your work is now live on the LensCulture Network Gallery. You are among a select group of top photographers featured in our curated gallery.”

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International Photography Awards 2015

International Photography Awards 2015


A preview of The United Nations Climate Change Conference, COP21 from 30 November to 11 December 2015 in Paris, France.

International Photography Awards Announces Category Winners of the 2015 Competition: 2 Honorable Mentions in a Special – Special Effects and Digitally Enhanced Category for the winning entry “Climate Change” as well as 2 Honorable Mentions in a Fine Art – Still Life Category for the winning entries “The Last Things” and “The Ordinary Things”.

More about the competition – visit www.photoawards.com


10 Photographers To Follow This Week

10 Photographers To Follow This Week

“Armed with their cameras, lenses—and perhaps, smartphones—these talented photographers capture compelling images of amazing places and wonderful things. These are the people with stories to tell, and they are inviting you to look through their discerning eyes. From the artistic to the commercial, the everyday to the extraordinary, these pictures are visual candies to sweeten up your day.” By Dorothy Tan

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